VRCA introducing an electronic plan room

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The VRCA has introduced a new service to bring the ultimate bricks-and-mortar industry into the virtual world.

The VRCA has introduced a new service to bring the ultimate bricks-and-mortar industry into the virtual world.

The Vancouver Regional Construction Association has just launched an electronic plan room service intended to give contractors a cutting edge system that streamlines the project documentation process. The on-line system, developed with custom features specific to the construction industry, is aimed at increasing efficiencies in a rapidly changing market.

“We are excited to roll out an improved service companies and contractors can use to help keep projects on time and on budget. At VRCA, we use our 77 years of industry experience to deliver effective, leading-edge solutions for individuals and businesses working in construction,” VRCA president Keith Sashaw said.

The electronic plan room takes the physical facilities already at contractors disposal and moves them to a 24/7, virtual space, which allows access to both public and private project documents. Companies input their files via an FTP server or just send them directly to the VRCA for posting on the site, and once uploaded the documents are viewable via the Internet for all involved partners. According to the VRCA, this will result in “faster turn-around times, reduced print costs and increased efficiencies.”

Another feature included in the new virtual plan room is secure public or private viewing access. Everyone with access to the system can see projects, but they can also be password protected to give invited tenders a limited time to preview a project, or can be restricted only to a specified project team.

Subscribers can automatically receive e-mail notification when project updates and addenda are posted to the site, and can also use counting tools to integrate calculations directly into estimating software, as well as highlighting and text tools that track changes. Accurate to-scale measuring tools are also provided.

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