ACEC continues to work on government files throughout the summer months

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OTTAWA — Although parliament is on break for the summer, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies — Canada (ACEC) has made its annual recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance as part of the government’s pre-budget consultations for 2018.
ACEC continues to work on government files throughout the summer months

According to a recent ACEC newsletter, the association made the following recommendations on how government can most effectively invest in infrastructure:

• prioritize investments that enable economic prosperity, productivity and competitiveness;

• adopt senate recommendations to improve transparency in federal infrastructure programs;

• implement national corridors to accommodate multiple infrastructure assets;

• use procurement best practices for quality, innovation and long-term lifecycle savings; and

• harmonize federal and provincial approvals to reduce red tape and provide clarity.

Another highlight of the organization's efforts this summer is a meeting that occurred between John Gamble, ACEC president and CEO, Martine Proulx, director of association programs and Amarjeet Sohi, federal infrastructure minister, to discuss the development and implementation of the government's infrastructure plan as laid out in its last two federal budgets, the newsletter indicates.

"While Gamble applauded the government for its strong commitment to infrastructure investment and offered to work with the federal government and other stakeholders to ensure the success of the federal government's ambitious plan, he noted that some infrastructure investments have been slow to enter the economy," states the newsletter. "While ACEC is confident that the investments will be forthcoming, Gamble stressed to the minister that for the government's vision for infrastructure to be realized, the economic benefits of these investments are realized as soon as possible."

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