VIDEO CCA 2015:’s Jeremy Gutsche’s opening keynote

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by JOC Digital Media last update:Mar 25, 2015

Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of was the opening keynote speaker at the Canadian Construction Association's annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Gutsche talked about the ways big companies become successful but then continue to use old methods in time of change, often to their peril.

Gutsche pointed to construction as an industry where the big demographic shift from baby boomers to millennials will cause major disruption, and also said that new ways of approaching projects will lead to innovation in what can be a tradition-bound industry.

Gutsche said running gives him one of the biggest research projects in the world, since millions of people are contributing new business ideas to the site on a regular basis.

Those interested in Gutsche's talk can also go to to see videos and documentation he referenced in his address.


last update:Mar 25, 2015

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