VIDEO: UBC assistant professor Chris McLeod at the B.C. Road Builders conference in Kelowna, B.C.

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University of British Columbia Partnership for Work, Health and Safety assistant professor Chris McLeod presented the results from his study on the Certificate of Recognition (COR) safety audit program at the B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association conference held recently in Kelowna, B.C.

McLeod's study worked with WorkSafeBC over a span of several years to look at the COR program and examined how injury rates changed once a firm was COR certified. On average, he said, there was a decrease on injury rate. The riskiest sectors, McLeod said, are construction and forestry, but they also have the most firms participating in the COR program, and as a result reductions in rates of injury seem to be more pronounced in those two industries than in other sectors.


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