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Regina seeing strong construction numbers for 2014

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Regina is seeing strong construction activity in 2014, much of it in non-residential projects.
Regina seeing strong construction numbers for 2014

"So far 2014 has been another very positive year for Regina in terms of building activity," Mayor Michael Fougere said. "We're seeing increased activity in non-residential construction this year and that's expected to continue with the construction of two major projects in the Regina area – the stadium and the wastewater treatment plant."

As the value of all building projects tops $458 million for the first nine months of 2014, permits for hotels, commercial, industrial and institutional construction remains strong from the start of January to the end of September this year with $222 million compared to $194 for the same nine-month period last year.

A majority of the new permits issued in September for projects valued at more than $1 million were related to housing, which included new multi-family dwellings on Shaffer Street ($1.25 million), Avonhurst Drive ($1.05 million), Cederholm ($1.2 million), and Aerodrome Road ($1.2 million).

Other large permits were for the wastewater treatment plant ($7 million), the stadium ($3 million), a new church on E. Eastgate Drive ($1.8 million), two new restaurants on Gordon Road ($1 million and $1.9 million) and a grocery store alteration ($3 million).

A city building permit is needed to construct, demolish, build an addition or renovate a building.

The City issues the permit and reviews plans to ensure they comply with all current building codes, bylaws and other applicable regulations. The City's Building Permit Report is a record of all permits issued during a period of time for residential, industrial and commercial construction in Regina.

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