Deputy chief building inspector resigns after violating bylaws

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by Russell Hixson

Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem confirmed that the city's deputy chief building inspector, Carli Edwards, resigned this month after violating city bylaws.
Deputy chief building inspector resigns after violating bylaws

Ballem said a whistleblower contacted the city in late November saying that Edwards, a 17-year employee for the city, had conducted minor renovations on her home without obtaining the several required permits.

"Unfortunately there is no way I can have my deputy chief building inspector do work when they are in that position," Ballem said.

"It's very disappointing and pretty devastating. She had done lots of really great work."

Ballem noted that when Edwards was informed of the situation, she fully co-operated, accepted her accountability and offered up her resignation.

Ballem said that Edwards received $65,000 — six months of pay — in her resignation terms.

"She understands and I think our whole organization is quite in shock but does understand. There is a high bar for people in these statutory roles," she said.

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