Aging Balmoral Hotel deemed ‘stabilized to the city's satisfaction’

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by JOC News Service

VANCOUVER- -Vancouver's Balmoral Hotel was deemed "stabilized to the city's satisfaction" by the chief building official after an inspection was carried out on July 14 to assess the shoring and stability of the aging hotel.
Aging Balmoral Hotel deemed ‘stabilized to the city's satisfaction’

A complete review is now underway by a contractor to assess the necessary work to rehabilitate the hotel, explains a release from the city. This review involves the removal of most of the building's finishes, including drywall and plaster.

This will be carried out in order to examine the various structural elements and to allow for an interior assessment of the building to determine the issues and work required.

The city anticipates there will be a significant amount of work to return this building to the much needed housing stock because of its deteriorated condition.

On June 2, it was determined that structural and fire concerns at the Balmoral constituted unsafe conditions for a building that was currently occupied, the release explains.

This was based on independent third-party engineering reviews of the building and led to an order being issued directing that occupancy of the Balmoral cease as of June 12 and that repairs be undertaken to ensure that the building does not collapse.

The City of Vancouver and BC Housing secured new homes for more than 150 people living at the hotel. BC Housing, Vancouver Coastal Health and other partners worked with the city to secure housing for each person that was relocated.

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