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Millennium Developments halts Evelyn Drive project

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by Richard Gilbert

Construction on the largest new housing project in West Vancouver has halted, but work is scheduled to resume again in 2009.
Millennium Developments halts Evelyn Drive project

Construction on the largest new housing project in West Vancouver has halted, but work is scheduled to resume again in 2009.

Millennium Development Corporation started construction on the eight-hectare Evelyn Drive project, with demolition, site clearing and preparation work being undertaken, as well as the servicing of some sites.

However, work on the project came to a halt in mid-October and construction of a new sales/presentation centre was not completed.

A city planner in West Vancouver said the work stoppage has nothing to do with the current economic crunch.

“What we know is the developer has assured us the project is going forward and the financing is in place,” said Geri Boyle, manager of community planning with the District of West Vancouver.

“Construction on the presentation centre has slowed, because they are planning the pre-sales launch for the spring of 2009. They have a long waiting list of pre-sales clients.”

According to Boyle, the work stoppage is a seasonal slowdown that happens in the fall due to the wet weather.

“We (the District of West Vancouver) ask for a site to be buttoned up in the rainy season, so there is no soil erosion,” said Boyle.

“This means the developer looks at the site and the nature of the soils. It could be as simple as spraying grass seed to keep the soil in place.”

No one from Millennium Development could be reached for comment, but the construction of Phase one of the Evelyn Drive development is anticipated to begin mid way through next year.

It will include 176 units and involves the construction of four buildings that will include a mix of housing including apartments, townhouses and cluster-style housing.

The two terraced buildings will have 26 and 12 units respectively, while the other buildings will have 67 and 71 apartments.

Each will have two separate wings, with four or five townhouses in between.

The building plans, designed by Nick Milkovich Architects and architect Walter Francl, are aiming for LEED Silver certification.

The project includes a rainwater capture system, energy-efficient appliances, and a privately owned and operated geothermal heating system that serves the area.

The District of West Vancouver council approved four development permit applications earlier this year.

The development should have a significant social and economic impact because West Vancouver has not seen a property development of this size for decades.

Millennium assembled 57 of the 65 lots in the neighbourhood for the development project.

The same company is also developing the $1 billion Olympic athletes village project in Vancouver.

It recently had to seek out its lender for a contingency reserve to cover a $65-million cost overruns on project, after the company injected $25 million of its own cash.

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