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Study spotlights fastest growing jobs in construction

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by Journal Of Commerce

What is the fastest growing job in the Canadian construction industry? Truck driver? Plumber? Heavy machinery mechanic? Try again.

What is the fastest growing job in the Canadian construction industry? Truck driver? Plumber? Heavy machinery mechanic? Try again.

CareerBuilder Canada and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) recently put out a list of jobs that saw massive growth in the industry during 2013 and 2014. Right at the top was administrative officers with a change of employment of 5.1 per cent and a median hourly wage of $21.63.

Administrative officers oversee and implement administrative procedures, establish work priorities and co-ordinate the acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies and security services.

Runners-up were excavating, grading, paving, drilling and blasting contractors.

There are operators, who own and operate their own business as well as contractors who supervise crane operators, drillers and blasters, heavy equipment operators, longshore workers, material handlers, public works maintenance equipment operators, railway track maintenance workers, and water well drillers.

These positions saw 4.4 per cent growth with median hourly earnings of $34.58.

Welders, installers/servicers, electrical trades/telecommunications occupations supervisors, pipefitters, construction managers and truck drivers also showed high growth in the industry.

According to EMSI and CareerBuilder experts, Canada’s construction industry has seen steady growth over the last several years, and new data suggests the expansion will continue through 2014.

Employment in the construction industry has grown by 12 per cent from 2011 to 2014, adding over 102,000 jobs, outpacing 4 per cent growth for all jobs.

“The construction industry is often a reliable indicator of an economy’s strength, and right now we’re seeing very encouraging growth,” said Mark Bania, director of CareerBuilder Canada.

“Not only has the construction industry added a wide variety of occupations over the past few years, but this growth has stretched across the entire country.”

Researchers also tracked where the growth was happening. Newfoundland/Labrador, Alberta and Saskatchewan took the top growth spots with 5.2 percent, 4.1 per cent and 3.9 per cent, respectively.

B.C. sat in the middle with 2.6 per cent and at the bottom was Prince Edward Island, with 0.3 percent.

Fastest growing jobs

Here are some of the fastest growing jobs and their average hourly pay:

1. Administrative officers: 5.1 per cent, $21.63

2. Contractors and supervisors, heavy construction equipment crews: 4.4 per cent, $29.85

3. Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunications occupations: 4.3 per cent, $34.58

4. Welders and related machine operators: 3.8 per cent, $24.11

5. Residential and commercial installers and servicers: 3.8 per cent, $18.51

6. Truck Drivers: 3.5 per cent, $20.29

7. Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers: 3.4 per cent, $32.78

8. Construction trades helpers and labourers: 3.4 per cent, $19.09

9. Construction managers: 3.2 per cent, $35.42

10. Heavy equipment operators (except crane): 3.1 per cent, $25.48

11. Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers: 3 per cent, $28.38

12. Construction estimators: 2.7 per cent, $29.99

13. Plumbers: 2.7 per cent, $25.86

14. Electricians (except industrial and power system): 2.7 per cent, $27.99


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