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Violent video game featuring construction worker causes controversy

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by JOC Digital Media

An online video game featuring a construction worker shooting up Vancouver SkyTrain passengers has stirred up controversy in the city.
Violent video game featuring construction worker causes controversy
Photo: http://msm.wildmanindustrie.netdna-cdn.com/

Users play a bearded construction worker in a hard hat and safety vest who snaps after transit delays and begins shooting passengers with a machine gun. Players must kill all the passengers at Vancouver's Main Street Station and then escape past the fare gates.

The game was created by Alexi Wildman for a company called Wildman Industries Production. It comes after multiple issues with the SkyTrain system last month left passengers frustrated and waiting for hours.

In a release TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis scolded media for reporting on the game.

"Playing clips from this video over and over again, and informing the public of where they can view the video, is irresponsible and does not serve the public interest," Jarvis said in a media release.

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