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Building Canada 150 – Celebrating our Construction Legacy

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by JOC News Services

TORONTO - The year 2017 marks Canada's 150th anniversary as nation stretching from coast to coast to coast. The nation will celebrate this sesquicentennial in many ways and the Daily Commercial News and the Journal of Commerce will join in these celebrations with a special editorial feature series called Building Canada 150.
Building Canada 150 – Celebrating our Construction Legacy

This series will be a five-part, year-long series which will look at the integral role Canada's construction industry has played in building the country. From iconic projects to those that transformed Canada's massive landscape, linking communities, cities and natural wonders, this series will be a milestone initiative created by ConstructConnect's two premier heritage industry publications.

After the five-part series has run, starting in March and ending in November, The Leaders magazine, our signature yearly publication which celebrates Canada's best in construction, will be a commemorative issue filled with Building Canada 150 content.

For more information on the series visit: http://cmdbr.com/buildingcanada150/index.html

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