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VIDEO: Journal of Commerce Preview for the week of August 17th, 2015

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by JOC Digital Media

In this week's preview, we look at some of the stories we'll be covering in the Journal of Commerce for the week of August 1th, 2015.

Trespassers are causing more trouble on Vancouver worksites. Incidents in North Vancouver come on the heels of two young men climbing to the top of Downtown Vancouver's Trump Tower, which is still under construction.

Correspondent Peter Caulfield has a story about the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary using 3D modeling to train students.

Daily Commercial News staff writer Lindsey Cole has a story about the Canadian Construction Association engaging their members about the federal election and COCA president Dave Baspaly has a column about employers using the WorkSafeBC appeal system.

Correspondent Ian Harvey has a story about 3D printing being used to create structural steel components, and check out our Training and Education feature.

Our feature video this week is an interview with virtual construction firm Cadmakers Inc. co-founder Javier Glatt.


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