Walterdale Bridge arch lifted into place

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The new Walterdale Bridge project in Edmonton achieved a milestone after the first of two massive arches was lifted into place. The 950 tonne central arch segment was lifted about 15 metres in a process that took about six hours. Once the central arch was lifted, it was connected to the larger arch segments currently being supported by red temporary towers on the berms.
Walterdale Bridge arch lifted into place

Construction on the new Walterdale Bridge began in 2013. The signature, through-arch bridge will replace the existing, 102-year-old Walterdale Bridge. The new three-lane bridge will also feature a sweeping multi-use path that will connect to the upgraded trail system in the area.

The central section lifted was previously assembled on the south bank construction laydown area, transferred onto barges, floated upstream and placed between the berms in November.

The second heavy lift is planned for spring when the arch will reach its ultimate height at 54 metres above the river - about the same height as the High Level Bridge. The new Walterdale Bridge is scheduled to open to traffic by the end of 2016, with overall project completion by fall 2017. To minimize traffic disruptions, the old Walterdale Bridge will remain in service until construction on the new bridge is completed.

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