VIDEO: Timelapses show progress on Saskatoon bridges

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The City of Saskatoon has been hard at work building two bridges. Check out the all the progress in video timelapses here:
VIDEO: Timelapses show progress on Saskatoon bridges
Photo: City of Saskatoon

North Commuter Parkway Bridge Timelapse (February to April)

Traffic Bridge Timelapse (December to April)


Since the February declaration of construction starting on the Bridging to Tomorrow project, the city and project partners, Graham Commuter Partners (GCP), have completed a substantial amount of work on both the North Commuter Parkway and the new Traffic Bridge.

Once complete in 2018, the North Commuter Parkway will support the transportation needs of citizens who live in Saskatoon's northeast and work in the Marquis and North Industrial Areas, reducing traffic on the city's existing bridges.

The new Traffic Bridge, also slated for completion in 2018, will support the growing city centre by allowing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to cross the river between the downtown and residential areas in the south sector of the city. The new bridge will look similar to the old bridge, but will be wider with the ability to accommodate emergency vehicles.

Throughout the remainder of April, crews are continuing to work on refurbishing the south in-river pier (concrete column that supports the bridge deck), and are drilling piles to build the south abutment (supporting end of the bridge on the riverbank) for the Traffic Bridge. The north berm that supported the bridge demolition has been removed, and crews have also finished removing part of the south berm to reduce impacts on river navigation.

Later this spring and throughout summer, the southernmost pier will be reconstructed, the new north and south bridge abutments will be built, and the steel structure for the new southernmost span will be constructed.

For the Parkway Bridge a road has been constructed on the west side of the river to access the construction site. All regulatory permits to begin in-river construction have been received and work on an earthen berm to support construction of the first bridge pier has been built. By August, the first pier should be complete and work on the second pier will begin.

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