Saskatoon plans to rejuvenate downtown streetscapes

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Saskatoon’s Urban Design Program focusses on constructing, renewing, and maintaining city streetscapes in key commercial districts throughout Saskatoon. The emphasis over the next three years will be on renewing and maintain some its oldest streetscaped areas.
Saskatoon plans to rejuvenate downtown streetscapes

This year, $1.8 million is being spent on upgrading the worn streetscape components on 21st Street, adding new features to 20th Street West and 25th Street, replacing deteriorated unit pavers throughout the downtown, refreshing streetscaping on Broadway Avenue in collaboration with the Broadway Construction Project, and developing a conceptual design of Idylwyld Drive from 20th Street to 25th Street.

As part of the 21st Street Streetscape renewal project, the pedestrian crosswalks at the five intersections from Spadina Crescent to 1st Avenue will be painted with motifs, such as maple leaves, life-size tyrannosaurus footprints, musical symbols, river sturgeons, leopard frogs, and ice cream cones.  These temporary painted crosswalks, along with newly designed street furniture, will generate renewed interest to this iconic street in the heart of downtown.  Weather permitting, painting will begin on Monday, May 30, at 21st Street and Spadina Crescent and be completed on Thursday, June 2, at 21st Street and 1st Avenue.

Working closely with the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), the city reinvests a portion of the parking meter revenue generated in these areas to fund 100 per cent of the streetscape and maintenance work for the Urban Design Program.

In addition to streetscape projects, the Urban Design Program, helps to enhance the BIDs by implementing seasonal flower pots and temporary public art, accepting banner applications, and offering façade improvement and streetscaping grants.

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