Translink announces public consultation for Broadway, Surrey projects

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by JOC News Service last update:Jan 20, 2017

VANCOUVER - Translink has announced it is moving forward with public consultation on an extension of its Skytrain service down the Broadway corridor in Vancouver, as well as on the Surrey-Guildford-Newton LRT project.
Translink announces public consultation for Broadway, Surrey projects

The projects are part of what Translink terms Phase Two of its "10-Year Vision" to expand transit service throughout the Lower Mainland. Expansion of bus services and improvements to road networks were announced on January 17 as the launch of Phase One of the 10-year plan.

In addition to public consultation for the Phase Two projects, meetings of the joint committee of the Mayors' Council and the Translink Board of Directors will soon take place to develop the Phase Two investment plan.

"Funding commitments from the provincial and federal governments must be secured for Phase Two in order to keep critically important projects like the Surrey-Langley LRT and Broadway extension on track. We need to build on the momentum created with Phase One, and continue the partnership between our regional, provincial, and federal governments that has resulted in the $2-billion investment we are launching today." Surrey mayor and Mayors' Council vice-chair Linda Hepner said.

"We look forward to the continued roll out of exciting Phase One projects as part of approximately $2 billion of investments. The Province remains committed to working with all of our partners on Phase Two to continue improving transit across Metro Vancouver," Vancouver-Quilchena MLA Andrew Wilkinson said, on behalf of the minister responsible for Translink, Petter Fassbender.

The Broadway extension will extend the Millennium Line past its current endpoint at Vancouver Community College (VCC) southwest to Broadway and Main and then west to Arbutus. The line was originally planned to go to the University of British Columbia, the immediate priority is to lessen crowding on buses.

Public consultation on the Surrey-Newton- Guildford LRT begins Jan. 24, and on the Millennium Line Broadway extension on Jan. 28.

last update:Jan 20, 2017

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