Winnipeg to advertise infrastructure work earlier

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by JOC News Service

WINNIPEG, MAN. - In order to improve the delivery of road infrastructure programs, Winnipeg's public works department plans to advertise and award engineering consultant work earlier for major road projects.
Winnipeg to advertise infrastructure work earlier

A report outlining this plan was presented at the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works (IRPW) meeting last month.

"Industry groups have long called for the city to advertise and award engineering consultant work earlier for major road projects," said Mayor Brian Bowman in a statement. "I'm pleased the City of Winnipeg is delivering results by improving the delivery of road infrastructure programs."

The public works department will now advertise for engineering consulting services for survey and design work for next year's proposed regional street projects in the spring of the current budget year. In other words, consulting services for 2018 major road projects will be advertised in the spring of 2017. This will advance the process so that $40 million in roadwork projects will be ready to go to market in late 2017 or early 2018 and be ready for immediate award subject to the adoption of the 2018 capital budget.

"As chair of IRPW, part of my mandate is to take proactive steps towards speeding up and improving the city's infrastructure renewal program," said Councillor Marty Morantz.

According to the city, this approach has several benefits. In addition to allowing regional street projects to be awarded sooner because the survey and design work will be completed well in advance, better cost estimates will be available prior to tendering. As well, advertising these projects earlier in the year will lead to more competitive bidding and help contractors plan their work more effectively.

If the new process is successful, it could be extended to other areas of the capital program such as the local street program in future years.

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