Flood-proof ing of Winnipeg’s Highway 75 a multi-year plan

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by Myron Love

Highway 75 runs from Winnipeg south to the United States border. As such, the highway is a major route for trucks and tourists heading south or coming north to Winnipeg.
Flood-proof ing of Winnipeg’s Highway 75 a multi-year plan

Too many times though, the 112 km route has had to be shut down for periods of time due to heavy spring flooding along the Red River which follows much the same route.

On April 12, Blaine Pedersen, Manitoba's infrastructure minister, announced a new initiative to flood-proof the highway just south of the community of Morris, Man. (which is about halfway between Winnipeg and the border) and, at the same time, eliminate some curves in the road also just south of the town.

The multi-year plan — which is scheduled to begin later this year — would add several feet to the flood-prone section of highway.

Media reports indicate that $21 million has been budgeted thus far for this year and next year for the project. The northbound lanes closest to the Red River would be tackled first with the first phase expected to be completed by 2020.

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