Agreement harmonizes Gold Seal with Chartered Institute of Building

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by Russell Hixson last update:Oct 9, 2014

Attaining Gold Seal certification for members of the Chartered Institute of Building just got easier.


The Gold Seal Certification Program and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) have signed a joint certification agreement to recognize Members of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB) as meeting the educational requirements toward Gold Seal Certification.

The agreement also allows Gold Seal Certificate holders to be recognized by the CIOB as incorporate members.

“The Chartered Institute of Building has more than 400 members in North and South America, and see the growth potential in the North American construction industries,” said Barry Brown, chair of the National Gold Seal Committee.

“This agreement will encourage those members to pursue Gold Seal Certification, while further recognizing the important role that Gold Seal plays in the Canadian construction industry.”

As part of the agreement, CIOB Members pursuing Gold Seal certification will have met the educational requirement of the application recognized by their MCIOB designation.

To achieve Gold Seal Certification, candidates need to demonstrate five years of specific industry experience to their designation, of which a minimum of two must be Canadian.

Current Gold Seal Certificate holders, under the agreement, will be recognized as meeting the requirements of Incorporate Membership with CIOB, bringing them closer towards chartered membership.

“This is good news for the Canadian Construction Association and the CIOB,” said Chris Blythe, chief executive officer at the CIOB.

“But, more importantly this is good news for those people pursuing a professional career in Canada’s growing construction industry.”

Stephanie Wallace, Gold Seal program manager, said her organization was finding that many workers with CIOB didn’t meet the requirements for Gold Seal, despite having nearly the same training.

“Rather than duplicate efforts, we are going to accept,” she said.

“It was redundant.”

She said the memorandum of understanding opens doors and is a good partnership with a similar industry.

She noted that while the educational requirement for CIOB members has now been met, applicants still must fulfill all other requirements as well.

British Columbia Construction Association president Manley McLachlan also praised the change, saying it could help with recruiting.

“In B.C. we welcome any collaborative moves that reduce bureaucratic hurdles and make it easier for qualified tradespeople to be recognized,” he said.

“Whether the economists are able to see it or not, we are in a skills shortage and opening new channels for employers to access experienced and ticketed tradespeople is crucial.”

last update:Oct 9, 2014

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