VIDEO: B.C. labour leaders release Temporary Foreign Worker white paper

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by JOC News Service

VANCOUVER - On Oct. 6 several of B.C.'s labour leaders gathered at a press conference held in downtown Vancouver to release and discuss a white paper examining the impact of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) on the western Canadian labour force.

Mark Olsen, the manager of Labourers International Union of North America, spoke to the Journal of Commerce about his and other labour leaders concerns including abuse of TFWs such as the South American workers on the Canada Line who were paid a sub-minimum wage or other cases such as the HD mining project where Canadian workers were displaced by TFWs brought in to work in a region with experienced B.C. miners and high unemployment.

Olsen also talked about his concerns regarding current and future projects using TFWs, and stressed that labour is not against the practice of using TFWs when necessary, but that such cases should be fair to both Canadians and foreign workers.

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    Ted Bunce

    Canadians collect our garbage and work in our sewage plants. They clean bathrooms in our hospitals. It's not that people won't do certain jobs, it's that they can't do certain jobs because they pay so poorly they would not be able to afford rent and food.
    This program exists only to reduce wages and must be cancelled.

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