Coquitlam man dies after entering construction site

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A Coquitlam man has died after falling four stories from a building under construction on Pitt River Road.
Coquitlam man dies after entering construction site

According to RCMP investigators, the man in his 20s was hanging out with his friends at the construction site of an apartment complex on July 11 shortly before 11:30 p.m. The group was talking to each other while the victim leaned against a temporary railing on a fourth floor balcony.

The railing suddenly gave way and the man fell to the ground below. His friends immediately called 911 for help. Despite attempts to resuscitate the victim both by his friends and the emergency crew, he succumbed to his injuries.

"The accident was extremely tragic and completely avoidable," read a statement from police. "People are reminded that construction sites are off limits to those who are not authorized because they are dangerous. In addition, consumption of alcohol or drugs while being there can make almost any situation even more dangerous."

The RCMP added that every summer, there are more of these types of calls and asked anyone who lives near construction sites to notify officers if they see any suspicious activity, especially after hours.

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