Road crew hit by suspected impaired driver

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by JOC News Service

Police in Saskatoon arrested a man on suspicion of impaired driving following a collision with a City crew truck overnight.
Road crew hit by suspected impaired driver

"We do work on high traffic roads overnight to minimize the inconvenience to drivers during daytime hours," says Director of Transportation, Angela Gardiner. "But even with warning lights in use as they were here, this incident further highlights the dangers our workers face every day on the job."

City workers were painting crosswalks along College Drive when it happened around 2:30 a.m. Friday near Munroe Avenue.

One worker had just stepped out of the truck to set up the next work zone when he heard a loud vehicle approaching. According to the city, he managed to jump to the side when a large pickup collided with the city half-ton. The crash pushed the city truck ahead another 10 meters.

Additionally, the second city worker in the driver's seat hit his head on the steering wheel from the impact. Emergency workers treated and released him on scene.

"While the injuries in this case appear to be minor, just a few more seconds later these men would have been behind the truck," Gardiner says. "It certainly could have had a tragic effect on these men and their families. We are so thankful no further harm came to them."

The city will pursue opportunities to improve the safety of these work zone set-ups. Drivers are reminded to obey all signs and respect work zones for their safety and the safety of workers.

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