Building Canada 150 — how construction built a nation

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by Vince Versace last update:Mar 17, 2017

The catchphrase 'True North strong and free' is synonymous with Canada and the foundation of its strength, coast to coast to coast, can be attributed in many ways to contributions from the construction industry.
Building Canada 150 — how construction built a nation

The Daily Commercial News (DCN) and the Journal Commerce (JOC) are celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary this year with a special national series, which rolls out today, called Building Canada 150.

From iconic projects to those that transformed Canada's massive landscape, linking communities, cities and natural wonders, Building Canada 150 is a five-part series which aims to inform Canadians about our industry's role in creating the nation many of us proudly call home.

The first part, published today, looks at the transformational projects that shaped Canada economically and socially. How were these projects, which connected communities, the country and opened commerce built? Among the stories featured are the CPR railroad, the Trans-Canada Highway and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The next part, slated for publication in May, will look at labour and workplace evolution in construction over the last 150 years. The third part, which will be published around Canada Day, will look at the iconic projects that not only define Canada but are also great examples of our nation's construction expertise.

The remaining two parts of the series will cover construction methods/materials and natural resource construction.

Once the series has run in its entirety, we will turn our efforts to our yearly magazine The Leaders, which celebrates Canada's best in construction, and make it a special commemorative issue filled with the best of our Building Canada 150 content.

The DCN and JOC have covered construction for almost 200 years combined and we feel we are in the best position to explore the role the industry has played in building Canada. We hope you enjoy the stories we dig up and deliver during the Building Canada 150 series.

Visit and for ongoing Building Canada 150 stories.

last update:Mar 17, 2017

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