City of Winnipeg expands landfill gas collection system

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by JOC News Service

WINNIPEG - The City of Winnipeg is expanding its landfill gas collection system at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility to double the amount of landfill gas collected.
City of Winnipeg expands landfill gas collection system

The system, which became operational in 2013, collects and flares landfill gas produced when organic waste decomposes. Expansion of the facility is required under section 15 of the Climate Change and Emissions Reductions Act.

In 2016, the system captured and flared 104,349 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. After the expansion, according to a release from the city, the system will capturing emissions equivalent to those produced by more than 44,000 passenger cars.

The project will include drilling 24 wells and installing 3,500 metres of piping. Construction will begin this week with completion expected by the week of September 25.

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