Phase Two plans unveiled for Edmonton’s ICE District

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by JOC News Service last update:Jul 24, 2017

EDMONTON - Edmonton Oilers owner and ICE District developer Daryl Katz has big plans for the north side of Rogers Place, transforming parking lots behind the arena into ICE District Phase Two.
Phase Two plans unveiled for Edmonton’s ICE District

In a statement, Glen Scott, senior vice-president of real estate with Katz Group, explained that the 13-plus acres will turn into an urban village with approximately 3,000 residential units, retail and office space.

The towers in Phase Two will be between 30 to 40 storeys with a podium for retail and commercial development below and green space on top.

Scott explained the tower height is dependent on approvals from the City of Edmonton as well as community feedback.

"We expect that the towers that are closer to Rogers Place will be somewhere between 30 and 40 storeys and as you move towards 107 Avenue they will diminish in height," he said.

Phase Two construction is expected to begin mid-2018 before Phase One is complete, and could open in five to 10 years, a release reads.

"We expect to have a very good connectivity and interphase with Phase One so people will be able to migrate between the two phases," added Scott. "It'll be a great opportunity for people to not own vehicles if they don't want because of the employment opportunities that are available, the transit nearby and the whole proximity to the downtown core."

Located in the Phase Two vicinity, the Katz Group recently acquired the historic MacDonald Lofts, which is currently being used as low-income housing. Scott explained it will be completely gutted and restored, but the use of the building is yet to be determined.

"We still have residents living in the MacDonald Lofts and we're transitioning all those residents to new and safer housing, so once we've successfully done that we will assess what our options are," said Scott.

Once community feedback is gathered, ICE District will be submitting an official application to the City of Edmonton with an expected decision in the first quarter of 2018.

Scott expects Phase One to be complete in early 2020, with Phase Two construction well on its way.

last update:Jul 24, 2017

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