What are Canada’s most iconic projects?

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by Vince Versace

When you think of Canada, what comes to mind? Hockey? Tim Hortons? Curling? Multiculturalism? There are a slew of answers we can weave into our blanket of Canadiana to wrap ourselves up in as we celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary this year.
What are Canada’s most iconic projects?

Now, when you think of the projects, structures and construction achievements that define Canada, what stands out?

What are the nation's most iconic projects that demonstrate the construction industry's ability to overcome challenges, innovate and also inspire Canadians nationwide?

In the third instalment of our Building Canada 150 series we celebrate our country's iconic projects.

The collection of stories generated by our team of writers for this feature attempt to capture not just the grandeur of these projects, they also dive deep to explain what shaped the actual construction of these structures.

Likely, for many of us, we have become so familiar with some of the projects in this feature that they have merely blended into the background of our daily lives. For Torontonians, the CN Tower, standing at its majestic, sky-piercing 1,815 feet, becomes commonplace when you are downtown.

The striking, green Lions Gate Bridge spanning the Burrard Inlet, connecting Vancouver to the North Shore, is simply just that for most locals — a bridge.

When our editorial team embarked on creating the list of iconic projects we were going to write about, one question started our discussion, "What projects define Canada?"

We wanted to identify projects that have not only left a legacy but also were emblematic of determined construction, engineering excellence and nation/community building. These are the key pillars that make these projects iconic in our eyes.

Through countless hours of research, hunting for sources and subject matter experts, and trying to open new doors to information when others closed, we learned tidbits of information that make these projects even more remarkable.

Our first two instalments of the Building Canada 150 series have highlighted the transformational projects that shaped Canada and how the nation's labour and workplace has evolved over the last 150 years.

Our next instalment in the series, set to run in September, will look at the construction methods and materials used over the last 150 years in construction.

Our last instalment is slated for November and looks at the natural resource projects that have positioned Canada's economy both domestically and internationally.

Our national editorial team of the Journal of Commerce and the Daily Commercial News hope you enjoy today's feature in our Building Canada 150 series.

Visit and for ongoing Building Canada 150 stories.

Also, listen to our national podcast, The Construction Record, for further Building Canada 150 series insights and all our regular construction industry coverage.

True North strong and free forever. Hope everyone had a great Canada Day.

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