Vancouver appealing NEB pipeline decision

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The City of Vancouver is asking the Federal Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the National Energy Board's (NEB) decision to remove consideration of climate change effects in its Trans Mountain Pipeline proposal assessment.
Vancouver appealing NEB pipeline decision

"It makes no sense for the NEB to ignore the economic impacts of climate change, while insurance companies around the world are adjusting their business models because of it," said Mayor Robertson, regarding the original motion in May.

The original motion, rejected by the NEB in July, requested that the NEB consider climate change in the Trans Mountain Pipeline proposal review. The NEB will consider the broader economic benefits associated with the pipeline but not the broader environmental impacts.  As a coastal city, the City of Vancouver will be directly affected by the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

According to the city, climate change poses a material risk to economic stability as even global insurance companies have begun to factor climate change into their economic risk assessments.

The City's statement of facts cites evidence from Mark Jaccard, a professor at Simon Fraser University with a PhD in energy and economics, as well as former Chair and CEO of the BC Utilities Commissions.

Evidence from Dr. Jaccard references that the Trans Mountain project would increase greenhouse gas emissions by 270 million tonnes over a 35-year period.

"The impacts of climate change are real and must be accounted for," added Mayor Robertson in a release. "The project will increase the drivers of climate change, but it will be the residents and businesses of Vancouver who will pay the cost. A full economic analysis of this pipeline proposal cannot ignore the risks to our overall economy due to climate change."

If approved, the $5.4-billion expansion project would almost triple the pipeline's current capacity, from 300,000 barrels of oil a day to almost 900,000.

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