LNG projects may miss climate targets

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by JOC News Service

VANCOUVER - A new report from the Pembina Institute and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions states carbon pollution from proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants on British Columbia's Pacific coast could pose a challenge to the province and Canada when reaching climate commitments.
LNG projects may miss climate targets

The report, entitled Liquefied gas, carbon pollution and British Columbia in 2017, concludes if Woodfibre LNG and LNG Canada are allowed to proceed, the province will not meet its 2050 climate targets.

"Furthermore, if the permits for Pacific NorthWest LNG were resurrected by the current or a new owner, that project would make the province's legislated target impossible to reach. Such LNG export terminals, fully powered by natural gas, are almost four times more polluting per tonne of LNG produced than terminals using clean electricity," the report stated.


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    Earl Richards

    Potentially, explosive LNG terminals and LNG tanker, transit routes have to be kept away from populated areas.
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    Chris Brown

    It is always dangerous to assume, especially when people postulate our future based on false myths instead of true facts. The facts are there are skilled, educated people everyday working globally on power generating solutions resulting with "near-zero pollutants, modest land-use needs, and the quiet operating nature" exhibited by fuel cell systems such as exampled by a Fuelcell Energy press release on Nov. 2 2015.

    "Operation began for the previously announced fuel cell power plant located at a Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) owned liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in South Korea.  The fuel cell plant is using boil-off gas from the LNG process to generate ultra-clean power, rather than letting the gas escape or incurring the cost to re-liquefy the gas.  This project is intended to be the initial step in developing multi-megawatt fuel cell parks at LNG facilities to generate electricity for the LNG operations and to supply the electric grid.  The market potential for LNG terminals in Asia is sizeable for POSCO Energy and this LNG application has the potential to expand world-wide."

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