Edmonton development appeals can now be filed online

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by JOC News Media

Citizens can now file appeals to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) online.
Edmonton development appeals can now be filed online

"I am excited about announcing this technology," said Sheila McDonald, Director of Tribunals. "Having the appeals process online gives Edmontonians easy access to the information and is part of our open and transparent City."

Previously appeals had to be filed at the SDAB office. The person appealing and the person responding to the appeal also had to go to the office to review evidence. Now with a PIN number, they can view or file evidence online.

Neighbours to the property in question, and community leagues, can file comments online in favour or opposed to the development. The decision of the board will be posted on the SDAB website approximately 15 days after the close of the hearing.

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hears appeals from people who have been affected by a decision of the Development Authority under the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Authority under the Subdivision Authority Bylaw. This quasi-judicial board is appointed by City Council.

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