Notice of Substantial Completion (2017-01-11)

location of premises

Street address: 449 East 44th Avenue
City: Vancouver
Province: British Columbia


Project Title:
Griffin's Walk - Roof Replacement

Project Number: 07-110

Description of Improvement:
New two ply SBS waterproofing membrane on the flat roofs.

New flat roof perimeter curb. 

New asphalt shingles on the north and south buildings upper sloped roofs.

Miscellaneous related work.

All persons entitled to claim a lien under the Builders’ Lien Act and who performed
work or supplied material in connection with or under the contract are warned that the time to file a claim of lien may be abridged and Section 20 of the Act should be consulted.

Date substantially completed2016-12-30


Name of owner: Griffin's Walk Housing Cooperative
Name of contractor: Advanced Systems Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.